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You Care is a company of strategic marketing and access to market sector, specialized in the private healthcare sector.

Established in 2010, You Care contributes to the growing process of businesses through the use of a unique methodology that recognizes and harmonizes the interests of different stakeholders of the health field, focusing on increasing value for the patient. Its main challenge is to establish synergies between industry participants through personalized projects, constituting relations of mutual gain.

From the analysis and knowledge of the players in the health industry, You Care becomes a catalyst in identifying common points, developing and implementing strategies to ensure access to stakeholders (service providers - clinics, hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, industry, health insurance companies, opinion leaders and specific institutions).

The You Care interdisciplinary team is led by Daniela Camarinha, administrator with over 20 years experience in the healthcare Market and a Master’s degree.

You Care and the supplementary health insurance market

Healthcare is considered a basic and essential service, which all citizens can access through public or private systems.

The healthcare market in Brazil, besides being a sector responsible for an important share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is extremely relevant in terms of cultural, technological and innovative point of view.

Covering about 25% of the population, the supplementary healthcare market consists of private and collective health insurances from multiple operators responsible for managing and recruiting providers such as doctors, hospitals, clinics and medical diagnostic laboratories.

Since 2000, the industry is regulated by Law n. 9961, which created the National Health Agency (ANS) to promote the public interest in private health insurance, regulating the sector operators, including their relationships with providers and consumers, contributing with the development of the healthcare sector in the country.

Transparency and information sharing

The outlook is for more transparency and information sharing (between operators, service providers and users), increase awareness, provide personal Healthcare management, bring innovation towards personalized medicine, Healthcare promotion and sustainability. However, among the main challenges are the improvement of healthcare service quality through cost reduction initiatives focus on adding value to the final customer, prevailing health on disease.

Assuming that issues of intangibility, inseparability, variability and perishability are present in the healthcare sector, we add value to the companies through deep understanding of the dynamics and the stakeholders of this sector. Also, we identify synergies present in actions based on co-creation of value through the involvement of stakeholders, with focus on the final user.

Alliance: You Care and Formato Clínico

You Care and Formato Clínico joined their expertise in the healthcare sector with the purpose of providing customers with double value solutions. This alliance allows a more complete solution, generating resources savings and time optimization. Moreover, this partnership brings an important new feature: the access to the Chilean healthcare market.

Organizational Guidelines


You Care is a company committed to building relationships of mutual gain that increases value to patients. Its mission is to develop projects in the areas of strategic marketing and access to the healthcare sector by service providers.


Contribute to the quality of life of individuals in our society, being recognized by the supplementary healthcare sector as the company that best identifies synergies among the market participants and turns them into products and services that increase value to the patient.

Core Values

Health and quality of life.
Synergy resulting in mutual gain relationships.
Integrity, professional ethics and transparency.
Passion and enthusiasm for what we do.
Knowledge and continuous improvement.
Good sustainability practices in relations, management and environment.