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You Care operates in two divisions: Strategic marketing and access to the healthcare market. These are two complementary areas and offer solutions throughout the entire healthcare chain, from suppliers to professionals and service providers (clinics, hospitals and laboratories), healthcare operators and industry.

Our solutions:

Access to Healthcare Market

Starting from a challenging scenario due to the peculiarities of the incorporation and the speed of new health technologies changes in Brazil, MKT Saúde acts as a catalyst in the joint construction of strategies that offer decision-makers a broader and methodological view of how to be part of this process, taking into consideration the system’s needs and the evidence of efficacy, safety and effectiveness of these new technologies.


Allows mapping of the sector and its particularities by understanding the existing business rules (self-management, cooperative, philanthropy, medical group and health insurances), the related public and the concentration of beneficiaries by region.
Allows the identification of key influencers and/or influenced groups by the company (customers, suppliers, competitors, employees) and the networking opportunities that can increase organizational image and/or generate business opportunities.
We provide updated and periodic content about key movements and trends in the healthcare market.
From the knowledge of the peculiarities of the sector, we identify the best way to enter or reposition your company in the market through metrics that take into account the regional context, the role of stakeholders in the sector and the inclusion of new products and/or services.
Identifying and suiting the newly launched products to those already incorporated, taking into consideration specific studies and existing offers launched by competitors.
For more than three years, You Care has been working in the private health sector in order to optimize the process of refund of new technologies. This work brought a unique methodology that takes into account overcoming some challenges:
  • The cultural challenges in the sector, where the growth of new technologies is seen as increasing spend and not as a replacement for an old procedure;
  • The very slowly process of incorporation imposed by the responsible organizations;
  • Requisition of specific documentation for the correct evaluation of new technologies;
  • A plurality of influencers (politicians, hospitals, home care services, related companies, health insurance companies, main society) in terms of quantity, different expectations and the difficulty in reaching them;
  • The need for punctual adjustments in cost-effectiveness studies to ensure an assertive impact in budget;
  • The companies’ difficulty to establish external agenda exclusive for topics related to this process.
Projects are developed and implemented in a holistic manner, with the active participation of You Care.
Establishing specific actions to approach the target audience, favoring the acquisition and retention of customers.
Actions that reinforce value to the providers, beneficiaries and operator.

Available services:

  • Training, qualification and expansion of providers’ network.
  • Certification of referral network (submission of proposals, negotiation and follow-up).
  • Provider's network update.
  • Fidelity of providers’ network.
  • Prospecting and maintenance of providers.

Strategic Marketing

In an attempt to minimize the effects of commoditization in healthcare services, the implementation of strategic marketing contributes to the approximation of companies and their target, enabling the development of actions consistent with current market demands, besides adapting the various communication tools available, when necessary.


Management and Strategy
Establishing the company positioning statement provides an effective approach to the target audience, showing what differentiates the company from its competitors.
Analysis of the company’s main competitors and benchmarking of similar companies operating in the country, via many tactics.
Establishing a budget and sales plan of action based on revenues from a particular period and the comparison of these data with market reality and partners objectives.
Data mining from the micro and macro environment, including characteristics, opportunities and challenges.
Design of a strategic marketing and business plan (flight plan) in order to identify business opportunities, threats within the market and focus efforts of the sales team towards the achievement of predetermined outcomes.
Integrated communication
Building a communication plan that engages internal and external audiences and enables the effective communication of the organization's guidelines. The plan includes the targeting of communication tools, including access to new technologies and web presence. With the application of the methodology CIM - Integrated Marketing Communications - all relevant forms of contact are evaluated and measured.
Adequacy (suitability) of visual identity (logo and colors) and establishment of standards for on-line and off-line communication materials according to the value proposal of the brand.
Choosing the ideal team profile in order to operate in the market and strategic direction to focus on goals. Integration, training and mutual development of business and marketing planning can be part of this process.
Define social media that best suits the brand’s position statement. Creation of the company’s institutional profile, establishment of the editorial line (speech) and guidelines for content updates.
Panning execution according to the company’s needs and taking into consideration the target audience, including opinion makers. Elaborate a budget accordingly to desired results.

Formato Clínico Solutions

Deliver projects that allow optimization of resources and formalization of quality management systems.

Quality Management Systems

Accreditation/certification Consulting
Provide guidelines to laboratories in order to understand and implement quality requirements to achieve accreditation/certification according to different quality standards, such as CAP (College of American Pathologist), PALC (Accreditation Program Clinical Laboratories), ISO 9001, ISO 15189, ISO 17025 ONA, among others.

Outsourcing the Quality Department
Establishment of a quality department, with active participation by minimizing the initial investment of the laboratory, with specific human resources for quality.

Quality audits
Diagnostic audits (pre-audit), internal audits and follow-up audits (follow specific subjects and verify effectiveness) in order to maintain the quality management system.

Process improvement
  • Revision and improvement of technical/operational and customer service processes.
  • Keeping the implemented improvements.
Management and Strategy

Strategic and operational advice (Advisory Board)
Counseling meetings (also virtual) on strategic and operational topics to guide your business.

Strategic planning
Strategic planning workshop based on the company’s indicators and specific data of the sector.

New businesses
Help companies with vertical operation processes; help laboratories with expansion projects or technical areas; feasibility studies of new businesses or products/exams.
  • Updating courses ("in company").
  • Events/Lectures.
  • Conferences (with experts).
  • Review of results programs.
  • Specific and tailored programs.
Frequent ask questions
Quality management systems, customer service, access to the private healthcare market, strategic marketing and technical issues from management in healthcare.